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KC3LEE Repeater

KC3LEE Repeater Status

The KC3LEE Repeater has been relocated to the Salem Mountain Tower, located halfway between Waymart and Carbondale on Firetower Rd. There is a new Diamond 718A UHF Verticle mated to LM600 Hardline. We are currently at the 120’height on the tower. It was a bit windy today to go much above that, so we are testing at that height for the next few days before going all the way up to 180′.

However, even at 120′, we have found excellent coverage. With an AT878UV Portable inside my car, I was able to reach the repeater clearly all the way along route 6 from Carbondale to Honesdale, with a bit of a drop-out in White Mills. Then the coverage picked up again at John’s General Store in Hawley, with full coverage all the way West on PA590 to my home in The Hideout in Lake Ariel.

Mark, KZ3MW, was able to reach the repeater from his Mobile CS800D all the way from the mountain to his home in Newfoundland, and is able to reach the repeater from his home by portable as well.

The Frequencies remain; for now:

Input: 443.7250 Output: 448.725  Color Code 8, pl of 123.0 for the Analogue side while it remains active.


Within 2 weeks, we will be re-tuning the Duplexer and the repeater to the ARCC-Approved frequencies:

Input:  445.05625  Output: 440.05625 Color Code 8. We have NOT been approved for analogue, but will see how it goes.

Please use Timeslot 1 for any Brandmeister Talkgroup. Timeslot 2 is to be used for LOCAL 9 (local ops) and LOCAL 2 (NEPA Cluster, TG 31424) ONLY at this time…


All are welcome to use the machine, enjoy!!!

KC3Lee, Leeman