The pa weekly dmr check in net

tuesday evenings @ 8PM Local time

On PA Statewide DMR TG3142


A weekly check in Net where the DMR users in Pennsylvania meet to Check In and demonstrate the connectivity between users on Linked Repeaters, as well as Hotspots and Bridged Modes, such as YSF2DMR.

Pennsylvania DMR Talkgroups:


  • 3142 – PA State
  • 31421 – PA State Tactical
  • 31601 – NEPA Tactical
  • 31425 – PA Cross Mode (Wires-X-DMR)

Pennsylvania YSF Nodes


  • 43662- Wires-X Room linked to PA Cross Mode TG31425
  • 84105 – WB0YLE Repeater Morrisville Linked to TG31360