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UPDATE AS OF October 22, 2018 —

NEW Hardware: The XLX Reflector has been migrated to a NEW Linux Machine… All modes are working and talking to each other! Whether you are on WiresX, DMR, DStar or a BMeister connected repeater, Talkgroup 31425 users can now all talk to each other clearly! Please report any problems to  


Update-Transcoders installed. We are now Bridged D*Star on XLX915/XRF915/DCS915 Module B!!!***

*** For DStar REPEATER: In your DStar radio, connect to your local repeater in your usual manner. Then , link to our reflector by setting URCALL to XLX915BL (or XRF915BL or DCS915BL, you get the picture) and key up. Once you get confirmation, just start talking. You are connected to Brandmeister TG 31425, PA Cross-Mode! That's all there is to it!
For your HotSpot: I only know Pi-Star method, but I assume they all are similar. In your configuration for DStar, choose XRF915 Module B or DCS915 Module B as where you want to connect to, hit APPLY and you should link within a few seconds. Once connected, just use your normal radio connection to the Hotspot to talk and you are GOLDEN!!

For those of you who are D* users, we now have an XLX Multimode Reflector online.  The following is what we have available so far: (link to our live Dashboard)

Our reflector is: XLX915, XRF915 and DCS915. Protocols available on all modules. So, if you want to use DPlus or DExtra or just plain old DStar, the choice is yours.

The following modules are (or soon will be) set up…

DStar ONLY: A – International  D-Emergency

Here’s where it will get interesting. Our dedicated BM Talkgroup, 31425, is currently linked/bridged to YSF/WiresX, Allstar and EchoLink. The voice protocol of all of these is similar enough that the Brandmeister masters where these links are set up can do the Transcoding of the voice data, ergo, they can all understand & talk together. Where DStar is concerned, especially where it relates to our new XLX Reflector, It is no sweat to set up any of our 26 modules for a single protocol, i.e. DMR<–>DMR, YSF<–>YSF, DStar<–>DStar, etc…

However – DStar voice data is a bit different from other modes. In order to talk to a DStar radio from a DMR radio, or Yaesu Fusion radio, or the other way around, our reflector needs hardware devices known as Transcoders. Two channels are needed for each translation module. So, in our case, bridging TG31425 to our XLX915P WITHOUT transcoders allows Dstar people to JOIN the module, but all they hear is R2D2, and all DMR people in the module would hear from D* people is R2D2. Now… Transcoder hardware is BIG $$$. They all use a Chip made by FTDI, using a protocol known as AMBE. Let’s just say, for arguments sake, that each ‘Channel’ costs around $100.  The Kings Of Digital XLX313 4K Transcoding reflector modules A-F have 2 channels each dedicated to transcoding. That is 6 modules X 2 Channels each.  They use a device known as a DVS-USB3012, which costs $1,499. They are a HUGE group of folks who run MULTIPLE Reflectors, constellations, nodes, repeaters, etc. And this is just on ONE of their reflectors. So, you can see how it all adds up monetarily. I do not have that kind of money to do that. I have, however, sprung for 2 DVThumb devices, which will arrive (hopefully) in the next couple of weeks. I will connect them to our XLX915B module, and all will be good for DStar users to join our constellation.

So, that is where we stand at this point, September 1st 2018. Please be patient with me, as I knew absolutely NADA about Dstar, Reflectors, XLX/XRF/DCS 1 month ago. On top of all that, the XLX server that I set up is LINUX, which I have not worked with since the 1990’s. That, in and of itself, is a re-educational nightmare. AND- get this: At the end of September, I need to relocate ALL my gear, computers, radios, nodes, servers etc. since it is all in my RV at the campground, which closes mid-October. So it all needs to be moved back home and changed over to a different static IP address. Why am I doing all this? Because I LOVE you guys…

Take care, see you on the air!  73 de KC3LEE

The pa weekly dmr check in net

tuesday evenings @ 8PM Local time

On PA Statewide DMR TG3142


A weekly check in Net where the DMR users in Pennsylvania meet to Check In and demonstrate the connectivity between users on Linked Repeaters, as well as Hotspots and Bridged Modes, such as YSF2DMR.

Pennsylvania DMR Talkgroups:

  • 3142 – PA State
  • 31421 – PA State Tactical
  • 31601 – NEPA Tactical
  • 31425 – PA Cross Mode (WiresX-DMR-DStar)

Pennsylvania YSF Nodes

  • 43662- Wires-X Room linked to PA Cross Mode TG31425
  • 84105 – WB0YLE Repeater Morrisville Linked to TG31360